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  1. Fun Father's Day Cupcakes

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    Here are some fun Father's Day Cupcakes that I made for my Dad. I made the faces using a Round Smiley Face Cookie Cutter, paprika coloured icing for the face (ivory is also a great alternative for skin colour), poppy red renshaws icing for the mouth insert and then writing icing pens and some grey icing to make the hair colours and moustaches. You will notice that I haven't put ears onto the faces, this was deliberate as they looked liked earrings and spoiled ...
    Cupcakes , Model Designs
  2. School Graduation Cupcakes

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    These lovely school graduation edible toppers and cupcakes would be a great gift for all teachers and pupils have worked hard all year round. These school graduation designs are what we will be making on our School Graduation Cupcake Workshop.
  3. Tea Party Cupcakes

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    These are the miniature edible tea party goodies that we will be making on the Tea Party Workshop. We have biscuits, swiss rolls, tarts, baguettes sausage rolls and lots of other small fancies oh and of course you cannot have a tea party without a pot of tea! Don't mind if I do.
  4. Wedding or Bridal Shower Cupcakes

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    These wedding themed cupcakes are comprised of the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaid, invitation, bouquet and of course the 3 tier wedding cake. These edible cupcakes and toppers are vanilla cupcakes topped with white, claret, black and party green icing and then made into the different designs. These are also the cupcakes we will be making on the Wedding Cupcake Workshop.
  5. Springtime Themed Cupcakes

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    Here are the pretty edible designs that we will be making on the upcoming workshop. From a cherry blossom tree, to nesting birds, butterflies and flowers you can feel spring is definitely in the air. Even better treat your Mum to a workshop for Mother's Day! Join us...Springtime Cupcake Workshop
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