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  1. lula's Avatar
    Cool car!
  2. lula's Avatar
    This dog is amazing!
  3. Angie's Avatar
    Yes they are a Victoria Cupcake base with edible make up toppings made of icing. I taught my students how to make these on our recent Cosmetic Cupcake Workshop. Here are the results of the workshop shown in the classroom.

    (The picture shown above are edible cosmetic cupcake toppers made on top of cupcake dummies), these are pre made before my class so that the students can see them in 3D.
  4. Angie's Avatar
    Thank you, gravity defying cakes are the new trend so I had to try and do one. They are much simpler than I thought.
  5. olisanda's Avatar
    How delightful are these cupcakes? Simply amazing! I'm totally excited!
  6. olisanda's Avatar
    The floating package above the cake looks awesome. Great effect!
  7. Angie's Avatar
    Thank you.
  8. Colin's Avatar
    Amazing cake Angie!
  9. Jean's Avatar
    A lovely cake and tasted nice too.
  10. Jean's Avatar
    That's really good Lindsay.
  11. Jean's Avatar
    They're pretty.
  12. A Guy's Avatar
    The Santa speaks to me

    A Guy
  13. Jessica's mum's Avatar
    These are just so cute, Angie x
  14. Angie's Avatar
    Thanks Bill, one for the boys most definitely.
  15. Angie's Avatar
    I'm doing a demo on these in tonight's lesson. The one of the right is a sleeping penguin hidden under snowballs.
  16. Jessica's mum's Avatar
    They're so cute. I'd love to have a go at making these. What's the one on the right?
  17. A Guy's Avatar
    Those are great!

    A Guy
  18. Lindas Cakes's Avatar
  19. Angie's Avatar
    Thanks Bill!
  20. A Guy's Avatar
    I want to marry that

    A Guy
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