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  1. Num Nom Cupcakes

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    These Num nom cupcakes were made to accompany the Berry Berry Swirl Cake I made for my God-daughter. I used claret pink for the faces of the pink num noms and then used a darker claret pre dyed icing for the bows. The eyes and nose are again Renshaws black decor icing and the eyelashes were made using a foodoodler black coloured edible pen. As there were boys attending the party I made some blue Num Noms of my own design, these had the stars on the ear and ...
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  2. Monster Face Cupcakes

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Name:	Monster Mayhem Cupcakes (8) - Copy.jpg 
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    These are the recent monster cupcake toppers that I have made. The sugarflair concentrated dyes I used to make the colours are as follows, Ice and Baby Blue, Grape, Melon, Tangerine and Party Green. The red, white and black are Poppy Red, Black and White Decor Icing by Renshaws. All you need to re create these monster treats are circular, square and oval plunge cutters, a pme wheel, black pearls and a little imagination, the results are simply endless. You ...
  3. Pirate Cupcakes

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    Ahoy there mateys, how about making some of these party pirate cupcakes for the little man in your life. From walking the plank, avoiding the crocodile to finding the hidden treasure these pirates will certainly keep the kids entertained. Come and learn how to make them on our Pirate Cupcake Workshop.
  4. Rainbow Cupcakes

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    These colourful cupcakes are a great party piece and add lashings of colour to any children's party. In order to create the rainbow effect I used colour splash edible dyes. I will be showing you how to make these bright beautiful treats in our Rainbow Cupcake and Piping Workshop.
  5. Owl be your Valentine.

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    Here is a little inspiration for Valentine's day. This lovely little edible Owl is a really cute gift to make your loved one for Valentine's Day. I used chocolate icing for the body, poppy red renshaws decor~ice for the heart shaped chest and hearts and then finished off with white icing and edible black balls for the pupils, the feet were made with yellow icing that I had pre dyed. Please see the owl tutorial for further instructions.
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