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Cosmetic Make Up Cupcakes

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These are edible make up goodies that really are too good to eat, you'll see we covered most things found in a make up bag from brushes, to lipstick and even a dash of mascara. If you want to learn how to make the cosmetic treats then we will be making them on the Cosmetic Make Up Workshop.


  1. olisanda's Avatar
    How delightful are these cupcakes? Simply amazing! I'm totally excited!
  2. Angie's Avatar
    Yes they are a Victoria Cupcake base with edible make up toppings made of icing. I taught my students how to make these on our recent Cosmetic Cupcake Workshop. Here are the results of the workshop shown in the classroom.

    (The picture shown above are edible cosmetic cupcake toppers made on top of cupcake dummies), these are pre made before my class so that the students can see them in 3D.